Polyester Powder Coating Process

What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is by far the youngest of the surface finishing techniques in common use today.

Powder Coating is the technique of applying dry paint. Paint is electrostatically charged and sprayed on the metal component. The component is then placed in an oven and the powder particles melt and coalesce to form a continuous film.
The final cured coating is the same as a two pack wet paint coating.

Nylon coating are high quality resilient coating produced using the oils from Castor plants and offers a very good protective finish. A nylon coating produces a hard, shinny finish warmer to the touch than paint finishes. The nylon is applied in the same manner as powder paint and has a diverse number of shades and colours available that comply with RAL and BS standards.


With Batch baking oven 5m x 3m x 3m designed for three dimentional products and an adjustable tunnel baking oven 4.5m x 1.8m high capable of coating lengths up to 8 metres,there is little in the architectural and structural market that is outside the capacity of this facility.


Once Galvanised the items are fettled and prepared to ensure smooth finish prior to coating.






Batch powder Room.







In line Tunnel Oven